Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Fun Patterns

have been working on my upcoming Halloween party which is themed Remember the "1970s when there were beads hanging in doorways of a lot of homes? I decided to made beads for my doorway one day before Halloween. At first I was trying to figure out what I could hang up and then got the idea to use those "Mardi-gras" beads that you can purchase at the $1 store as necklaces,  I had been using them to make beaded garland, and they did the trick. [no pun intended] I think it worked out great!!! What do you think? Here's a pattern for you to try for yourself.

Full length view

Top of curtain

Close up

                                Spooky Halloween Door Beads

You will need:
  • 3 beaded necklaces for each strand hanging [48 necklaces-be sure they are the same length-needed for 16 hanging beaded strands]gold, silver and purple]
  • 4ply worsted weight yarn[I used Red Heart] Orange, Black, Purple, and White
  • wooden dowel 3/4"[JoAnns Craft store]
  • 2 wooden ball ends to slip over dowel
  • Aleena's Tacky glue
  • DecoArt Twinkles Black craft glitter paint
  • Hook size G or F
Start by cutting a necklace anywhere between two beads-
ch 8 1st Step: with one end of beads -begin to attach with a sc between the first and second bead- 2x, continue to sc between each bead to the other end, Next Step: -change colors-cut the 2nd necklace and start with sc 2x between the 1st and 2nd bead of the 2nd beaded strand, Next Step: repeat on the 3rd strand -changing colors again-
HINT: the tighter you crochet the more of a "curl" you will have-
Ending: You will end with a ch 4-5 and fasten off.

You can make any color combination or make each strand all one color- Make 16 strands and weave in ends

HINT:  when adding a new necklace strand sc around the tail of the new color to help shorten the weaving in process-

I used the black orange black on most strands-or purple- white -purple, or purple-black-purple-- mostly I tried to use Halloween colors. :)

Next Step: I wraped the end of each bead strand with the 8 ch- around the dowel and knotted in place       -I used black-  sc around the dowel spacing each strand evenly to hold in place. -this keeps each strand from moving- NOTE: Be sure to leave abour 2 " at each end. Next Step: Put some glue inside each end ball opening and slip over both ends of the dowel.

Let dry over night

Last Step: paint the balls with the black paint. Let dry ....

Hang up in any doorway or window area, these can be used at any party in any color or for any holiday, Experiment and have Fun.  Think of a birthday or Christmas in Red, Green, & Gold or Silver. Or what about Green for St Patrick's Day, or how about a party with a "beach " theme, make it with shells in blue and white, or red, white, & blue for the 4th of July. The possibilities are endless.
Be sure to show me what you have made and link back to this blog for pattern details and giving credit to me for the pattern. Thank you....



Note: This patterns is exclusive of PBDesigns Patterns. If you make these "Doorway Beads" be sure to send me your link and link back to this pattern/blog. I love to see photos too. This pattern is copyrighted it can be made for personal use or charity use, or to sell, as long as you give credit to this blog and "PBDesigns". If you want to post photos of these "Doorway Beads" on your blog or URL, then refer back here with a link for the pattern. Do not post the pattern or copy and distribute to others, or sell it, you are welcome to link back here and print it out for your own personal use.  
 © 2012 PBDesigns
 Thank you. PBDesigns
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