Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Shell Knot Necklace" Free Pattern

 This is a pretty and easy necklace to make:

  • 2 6' ribbon yarn [or any shoelace wide yarn or thread]
  • 1 shell [can get at any shell shop or online]
  • 3 clear pony beads [blue-pink-green]

  1. fold yarn in half
  2. at folder end tie a knot 1" from end
  3. measure down 3-4" and knot again
  4. there will be 3 knots
  5. then knot again under 3rd knot
  6. and again under the 4th knot
  7. thread shell up to knot tightly
  8. knot on the other side 3x
  9. then measure up to equal other side and knot up
  10. once you are at the end knot and then string on one of the pony beads
  11. knot and string on the other pony bead
  12. knot and string on the last pony bead
  13. knot after last bead
  14. trim the ends to be even, they will just hang
The necklace closes with pulling the loop over the beads till desired length and the ends hang down your back.

Note: This patterns is exclusive of PBDesigns Patterns. If you make these "Shell Knot Necklace" be sure to send me your link and link back to this pattern/blog. I love to see photos too. This pattern is copyrighted it can be made for personal use or charity use, or to sell, as long as you give credit to this blog and "PBDesigns". If you want to post photos of these "Shell Knot Necklace" on your blog or URL, then refer back here with a link for the pattern. Do not post the pattern or copy and distribute to others, or sell it, you are welcome to link back here and print it out for your own personal use.  
 © 2011 PBDesigns
 Thank you. PBDesigns

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