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Free Pattern The "Furry Green Ornament Necklace"

Here's a free pattern for you:

 "The Furry Ornament Necklace"
What you will need:
  • Lion Brand fun fur yarn, Kelly Green, 1 skein, 1 3/4oz, 64 yds
  • Red Heart Crochet Cotton/Metallic Thread, size 5, silver/silver
  • Darcie Home for the holidays Christmas ornaments 6 - 2" [Alin Paper store or any craft store]
  • 2 silver snowflake button trim [JoAnns or any craft store]
  • 1 large 1" green glitter button [JoAnns or any craft store]
  • size I crochet hook
  • crochet hook that is small enough to fit through hole in bulb
  • darning needle
How tos:
  1. Working with both yarns, chain 4, sc in second ch from hook and in next chain, turn
  2. ch 1, sc in each sc across, turn
  3. ch 1, repeat row 2 for 9-10"
  4. ch 1, sc in first sc, insert hook into next ch, pull up large loop, switch to small hook and pull loop through hole on top of ornament, switch back to larger hook and complete sc, turn
  5. ch 1, sc in each sc, turn
  6. ch 1, repeat row 5 for two inches ending so that the next row you will be able to add your ornament on the same side as the other, repeat row 4, turn
  7. ch 1, repeat row 5 and 6, one more time, turn
  8. ch 1, repeat row 5 for two inches, then chain 11, sc in the next row of two sc, turn
  9. ch 1, repeat row 5 for two inches, be sure to end so that the next row will end on the same end where the ornaments hang, turn
  10. ch 1, repeat row 6, turn
  11. ch 1, repeat row 5 and 6 two more times, turn
  12. ch 1, sc in each sc, turn
  13. ch 1, repeat row 12 for 10", join in top of chain with ss, FO
  14. thread darning needle with both yarns and whip st across to join necklace, FO and weave in ends
  15. Use silver cotton thread only and darning needle and put both snowflakes together and button on top of one and sew together with seral stitches, then puch needle through the snowflakes but not the button, wrap thread around and under button, attach to middle of ch 10 hanging in middle of the necklace between ornaments, 2 times, wrap back around button and through the two holes and back through to the back of snowflakes, FO and tie several times, then cut real short, you might want to dab with a little craft glue to secure.
Voila, you're done!!! 

If you make this necklace be sure to send me your link and link back to this pattern/blog. I love to see photos too. This pattern is copyrighted it can be made for personal use or charity use only, you can not post this pattern on your blog, or copy and distribute it to others, or sell it, you are welcome to link back here and print it out for your own personal use.  
 © 2010 PBDesigns

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  1. This is so great! I am one of the editors for and we are always looking for fun, festive Christmas jewelry. If you would like to have your project featured on our site, e-mail jlitz (at) primecp (dot) com. Thanks!

  2. Thank you and yes I would like it posted. I emailed to you. :)Crochetoholic


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