Monday, January 24, 2011

Swimming with the Dolphin Necklace

Its so easy to make, here is the free pattern...

Dolphin glass pendant [Blue Moon, I got mine at Michael's Craft Store]
Anne Blatt [small amount it is from their Glamorous collection 3 colors with gold]
1 Lobster Claw Clasp 
4 oval jump rings 2 large and 2 medium
Bent Nose pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
size F crochet hook or one to create a tight ch st

Leaving a 6" tail slip knot onto hook and ch 1adding your 1st jump ring by putting hook through jump ring pull loop through and finish your ch st, continue with ch st until desired length, then ch last st onto 2 jump ring the same way as you did the 1st jump ring. Attach the closure you have chosen to one end [depending on weather you are right or left handed, right handed put it on the right end and left handed people on the left end] of your ch cord by opening up the jump ring and sliding the end of the lobster claw onto the ring and closing the jump ring , attach 3rd jump ring in the glass loop on Dolphin and then add 4th jump ring onto that ring, You will need to open all rings and then reclose. Remember when you open the jump rings use your tool to pull open side to side, DO NOT: open by pulling each end or you will deform the ring and never get it back to its right shape. [been there and done that, another story] See here for tutorial on jump rings, and hints and techniques here. Note: the last jump ring that holds the pendant will slip onto your ch cord so be sure to put it on the ch cord BEFORE adding your closure.
Now enjoy your necklace!!

You can make this necklace with shiny embroidery thread, crochet cotton silver or gold thread #5, or any crochet cotton thread if you like and use any pendant. I used antique gold findings and Anny Blatt yarn because I had it in my stash.

Have fun and experiment. And remember as always all copyright rules apply.
Always link back to my blog when showcasing your finished necklace and let me know, so I can come see too. I love to see.

Note: This patterns is exclusive of PBDesigns Patterns. If you make these ""Swimming with the Dolpins" be sure to send me your link and link back to this pattern/blog. I love to see photos too. This pattern is copyrighted it can be made for personal use or charity use, or to sell, as long as you give credit to this blog and "PBDesigns". If you want to post photos of these "Swimming with the Dolpins" on your blog or URL, then refer back here with a link for the pattern. Do not post the pattern or copy and distribute to others, or sell it, you are welcome to link back here and print it out for your own personal use.  
 © 2010 PBDesigns
 Thank you. PBDesigns

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  1. This is a beautiful necklace. My daughter loves dolphins. I am glad to be your newest follower!


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